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Greatest happening on planet Earth

Swamiji is the greatest happening on this planet earth.I can tell that only after meeting swami I know what spirituality is all about.Before meeting swamiji,I was just praying,because everyone followed it and because my parents told to do so.But after attending swamiji's programme,my concept about spirituality totally changed.Those days,I used to think that spirituality is only for old people and I took it for granted.Swamijis teaching is very practical and it can be applied in our day to day life.The Shastras written by swamiji,really give me clarity about me life and day by day it elevates me into higher consciousness.Only after meeting swamiji I came to know the truth that Jeevan Mukthi is possible to everyone.Merely,THANKS is not enough to be said to him,because he had made me realised the purpose of my birth.He had revealed to me the great truths.I had never met master like him who is so compassionate-wants everyone to be a jeevan muktha and his wisdom,body language,graceness,innocence can"t be described in words.Reason allegations is just a test to see how much we are devoted to our master.No,matter what people tell about swamiji,my trust and devotion towards him will be the same,because I can"t deny the transformation that he had caused in my life.Without swami,it would have taken a lot birth for all of us to be transformed and especially to EXPERIENCE this great truths in our life.Lets us all,use this time to be move devoted and to radiate enlightenment.LET US ALL DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY OF LIVING WITH THE GOD!


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