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Swamiji's triumphant return

As things progress in India, I am confident that Swamiji is already taking care of all the baseless allegations conspired against him. The first priority is to ensure Swamiji's safety and security, and to shatter all these false/baseless allegations. This will create an atmosphere where Swamiji can publicly appear and answer to the Media and public all their questions. I have a strong feeling that Swamiji is closing issues one by one and all set for the triumphant return.
For all of us who are Swamiji's disciples and devotees, Swamiji has requested us to Radiate Enlightenment, and for us this should be the first priority. This is not destruction, but Samhara - rejuvenation. That's what Shiva does all the time. Even if some of the disciples are personally feeling disturbed and have questions, please revisit all the vidoes addressed by Swamiji himself directly and go with his words. Swamiji has been very genuine in addressing all the allegations.
Whoever is Swamiji's disciple and devotees, even if you want to contemplate on this issue, I request that please avoid doing so from the regular state of consciousness. Dive deep into higher consciousness and awareness using the techinques given by Swamiji, then start contemplating on this issue - I think that this is the best way to understand the truth.
And please spread the message about this blog so that the flood of support can be logged. And it has been a delight to read so many inspirations, miracles and life solutions given by Swamiji, and to know that Sanghas established by Swamiji are still doing very strong. I wonder if we would have had this wonderful chance of sharing these from all the corners of the World if such a conspiracy never came up.
Raj Jayaraman


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