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Let us help!

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am a devotee of Swamiji and have written my experiences in the blog in the past.
After hearing about the refusal of bail on TV channels, I am highly concerned as to where our beloved Swamiji is, how He is. We did not find any posting on the website about Swamiji's whereabouts. The last I heard from the website was about Swamiji going into deep silence.
Other than that, we are only hearing bits and pieces from TV channels ( the ones who defamed our beloved Swamiji!!!), which are not worth even giving a thought of believing!!
I would appreciate it if you (Dhyanapeetam) could post something on the website. We as devotees are deeply concerned about Swamiji.
I would like to reiterate that I am willing to do anything possible within the limitations I have, to help this situation. Anything that would help the organization, my fellow devotees and of course our beloved Swamiji's wellbeing. Please let me know.
Myself based in Bangalore used to be a frequent visitor of the ashram and am one of the people who benefitted the most from Swamiji's 'Sarva Darshan'. Due to the turn of events, so many things have changed. I am not able to worship Swamiji like I used to before. Because of current phase in my personal life and other social reasons, I am not even able to disclose myself completely. I am not able to make a visit to the ashram as easily as I used to before.
We the devotees of Swamiji are with Swamiji and Dhyanapeetam; will continue to be and will extend our full support to Him and the organization.
Please keep us updated. Again, thank you very much for this forum; I am able to express my feelings and concern for our beloved Swamiji.
I hope existence will soon return our Swamiji back with all due respects.
Beloved Swamiji:
We are with You. Let us experience what You are experiencing, let us share your pain. Please let us help. Please give us a direction as to what we have to do to help in this situation. Please allow us to help. Please give us a chance. Within the limitations I have which you are very well aware of, I am willing to do whatever I can to help. Thank You for all that You have given me, for all the rich experiences in the past, for the vast knowledge and maturity You've given me. Love You very deeply Swamiji. Please let us see positive improvements in this. We want to see and hear good things about You everywhere. We want to see Your/ Our prosperity again!! Please bless your devotees with that. We all need that very desperately now. Please help Swamiji.
With You and the organization.
In gratitude,
CS Rao.


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