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" Guruve Namastute Nithyanda"
Nithyanandam! With Love and Respect we Bow to the Lotus Feet of Swamiji Paramhansa Nithynanda and all sinere Disciples. We take this opportunity to thanks Dhyanapeetam web designer and the one who has come up with this idea of support.It gives us immense pleasure to write this letter. It is said……
Guru is Shiva sans his 3 eyes, Guru is Vishnu sans his 4 arms, and Guru is Brahma sans his 4 heads. Guru isParamshiva himself in human form, Guru is ultimate cosmic energy. Guru is the bridge between we and concept of Godhence Guru is greater than God.
My whole family thanks to Swamiji for coming into our life and showered his blessings on us during last 1 year. We were in search of peace of mind since long time and it ended once we met Swamiji. It was so happy moment to meet Sadguru & to see his Divine face in our first Kalpataru in Malaysia as if we were waiting to meet him since many births. With Deep Love and Gratitude we thanks to our SADGURU who introduced GOD to us. We don’t care what’s happening in present situation on planet earth just UNCLUTH is the MAHAVAKYA given to us by Swamiji and its the best time to practice Swamiji’s teachings by all means’s. We can only say it is all Divines LEELA in play & all MASTERS have to go through some Leela when they come on planet earth. Our devotion to Sadguru has deepened more during last 10-12days we don’t know but yaaa its true.Nobody can shake us. Just stay connected with the Master. Because its the test of Devotees from all over the world and not the Master. Tough time never last but tough people do last.
Krishna says—“ Yada Yada hi Dharmasya Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Tadatmanam Srijamiaham Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Chadushkritaam Dharma Sansthapnaya Arthaya Sambhavani yuge yuge”

Meaning of above lines- “ whenever there is decay, of righteousness O! Bharatha & a rise in unrighteousness, then I manifest myself in visible form. For the protection of righteous & destruction of the wicked & established the dharma again.”

Saint Dhyaneshwar-- in his PASAYADAN(Marathi language) says....

aata vishtmake deve yene wgynve toshave
toshoni maz dyave pasaydan he
je khalanchi venkati sando taya satkarmi rati wadho
bhuta paarspare pado maitra jeewache
duritanche timir jawo vishwa swadharme surye paho
jo je wanchil to te laho pranijat

warshat sakal mangali ishwarnistanchi mandiyali

anwarat bhumandali bheti bhuta

chala kalptarunche aarav chetana chintamaniche gao
bolate je aarnav piyushache
chandrame je alanchan martand je taphin
te sarwahi sada sajjan soyare hotu
kinbhuna sarva sukhi purn houni tinhi loki
bhajijo aadipurukhi akhanit
aani grantopajivi vesheshi loki iye
drustadursth vijaye hoawve ji
yeth mahne shri vishveshwrao ha hoiel dan pasawho
yene ware dhyandevo sukhiya zala.

Meaning of PASAYADAN IS----

May the Self of the universe be pleased with this sacrifice of words & bestow HIS grace on me. May the sinners no longer commit evil deeds, may their desires to do GOOD DEEDS increase, & may all beings live in harmony with 1 another.

May the darkness of sin disappear, may the world see the rising of the sun of righteousness, & may the desires of all creatures be satisfied. May everyone keep the company of SAINTS devoted to God, who will shower their Blessings on them.

SAINTS are walking gardens filled with wish-fulfilling tress, & they are living villages of wishful filling gems. Their words are like oceans of nectar. They are moons without blemish and suns without heat. May these SAINTS be the friends of all people.

May all being in the entire world be filled with joy, & may worship GOD forever. May all those for whom this book is their very life be blessed with success in this world & the next.

Then, NIVRITTINATH, the great MASTER said that this blessing would be granted. This brought great joy to SAINT DHYANESHWAR.

We don’t know whether Swamiji is playing a part of Krishna or Saint Dhyaneshwar. Let the Leela go on we are nobody to judge it. “ We are here to eat the fruits don’t bother to count the trees”. We only hope the society, which Saint DHYANESHWAR dreamed some 800 to 900 years ago is going to form soon on planet earth. Everybody knows Swamiji in his last 6-7yrs of mission has worked very intensely and still working intensely for transforming the whole society by individual transformation.

Swamiji we are eagerly waiting for your Compassionate, Divine, Graceful, Loving and blissful Darshan.Swamiji as you always say, “I AM WITH YOU” it takes us great pleasure to let you know “We are & we shall be always following you and your teachings and so always shall be with you”. Our son Krishna is missing all satsangs. Thanks Sadgurunatha for transforming our life. Actually it is very difficult to express our feelings in words about Swamiji. It is beyond the words for the people who has experienced Him and received His energy; yaa off course 1 touch is enough for true seekers & to melt humans like us. Withtears in our eyes we offer flowers of deep Gratitude, Love and Shirshastang Namaskar to Our SADGURUNATHA SHRI PARAMHANSA NITHYANANDA.

Offerings with Gratitude from Dr.Pradeep Raut , Dr. Snehal Raut and Krishna Raut from Singapore. Also from Raut and Pethkar family (India).

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