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Swamiji Nithyananda: You are my Christ, I love you and nothing can change that


Name: Alfred Ashok Kumar
Qualification : B Com
Working in : Oracle - as Finance analyst

Dearest Master

I am overjoyed beyond all boundaries that i got an opportunity to say how much i love you , i lost both my parents long time ago, i always considered you as my mother and father, i am now 33 years old born in a Christian family,

since my childhood (school Days) i am in constant search of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment, i have been searching for a master and spiritual guide since many years, couple of years back i happen to just stumble upon one of your discourses in You-tube, as soon as i heard your discourse i knew that my search has ended i found my guru, my master, i was over joyed beyond all boundaries that my search of many life time as ended here, only blessed one find the master and i am the blessed one, I attended Kalpathuru program a year ago, that is when i saw you for the first time, as soon as i saw you tears of joy started flowing from my eyes, i could not stop it, i saw the Christ in you, i saw Buddha in you , i say swamy Ramakrishna Raramahamsa in you, i later attended ASP and NSP programs. and every day i listened to you-tube discourses,
i found light, for many years i was searching desperately and spent many sleepless night thinking about enlightenment, now i found answer to my search, my answer is you Master, it is you,
Nothing and no body can change that, I have found you with great difficulty and i shall not be foolish to miss you,

I am waiting to clear a few worldly commitments which will not take many days, and soon i will come in to your shelter
I shall dedicate my entire life 100% to you swamy,

Christ was crucified on a cross with nails, but i saw you were crucified not with nails but with mass communication ( Media), But there is no history that Christ die, Christ's will never die, it is against the law if nature, Christ's are Paramahamsas, it is foolishness to consider that You -Christ can be kept crucified on the cross, No! it will not happen, it can never happen, it has never happened before, Christ will resurrect, Christ has resurrected, Swamy you have thousands of souls loving you, following you, dedicated for you, our love towards you, and your love towards us is so strong that there is no Cross powerful enough to crucify you, Love is stronger than any Cross. it is stronger than any destructive force,

I am writing to you this letter with my eyes filled with tears of Joy and gratitude, my joy overflowing that i am able to write to you, about you Sir,
Just the word thank you is not enough for the love you showered on us,

You are my refuge you are my last hope, you are my pole star, you are my Christ, I Love you

With Love


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