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The transformation in me: Thank you Swamiji

Nithyanandam to all

I am Suryaprakasam(Sree Nithya Alayan)age-64

Retired Bank Senior Manager

I have attended the following programmes

NSP- May 2008,BSP, Healer,FIMT-june 2008,Nithyanantham-july 2008& sep 2009,Valum varalaru Aug-2008,1000Km Patha yatra jan&Feb 2009(36 days)Kanyakumari to Bidadi Ashram, Himalayas trip on oct 2009.

Why I have attend all these programmes continuously because I had a big transformation in me.Eventhough I have no big disease ,occational Headache & toothache was absolutely cured from june 2008.After that my full time work became to hear the spiritual teachings of Swamiji and doing Ananda seva which made me to enjoy peaceful mind and get connected with Swamiji in a higher concious level which makes me to live always in Blissful.Like others Iam also having responsiblity to my family consists of two daughter & a son.Because of my total surrender to Swmiji and followed the teachings,make me to live in a blissful family life.

For the past one year I used yo go to Bidadi Ashram for the volunteer works for the Programmes LBE,Inner Awakening,NSP,BSP,Healer.I felt the energy in the whole Bidadi Ashram &everyone in the Ashram having high level consciousness.

I am the worshipper of the teachings & preachings and not his image.

The drama started by Swamiji and will end in positive way by the same Swamiji.The Swmiji always says "I am not here to prove as Iam God, I am here to prove "You are God". So the recent drama staged by him is to prove each and every citizen to realise Jeevan muktha.In addition to that "any Avathar will take place to samhar the Arakars" and the same will also happen in this drama.

In the cosmic rule it will not affect the Swamiji by this drama.But it will ruin uprootedly all the Arakars.

Om hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha.



(Sree Nithya Alayan.)


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ALKA said...

Thank you swami ji for making Enlightenment so easy.now we think & started working towards it.Because of You I know that I dont have to acquire any quality from outside Everything is Inside me only ,I just have to Radiate !
with Lots of Love & Thousands of Pranams
In gratitude

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