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The extended period of silence

Swami, your heart is felt as a profound 'will' expressing itself in its all-powerful truth...

Now, it is past and is time to enter the period of sweet mental silence, so peaceful, so pure...I perceive your announcement to enter the extended period of silence as something infinitely vast, too great perhaps to be understood by men, by my little mind - something that holds in it the seed of To-morrow...

We heartily thank you for choosing to stay with us

However, know that even if you had chosen to withdraw from us, just poor children were left behind, capable ONLY of nestling in your arms and sleeping there in the sweet dreamless sleep where nothing else exists but you - O vast Existence.

In your silence, we always will be with you and as you said will continue to meditate with you.

We refuse to believe that the misfortune is irreparable. We wait with humility in an obscure and hidden effort and struggle for the breath of your perfect joy to penetrate our hearts again.

With gratitude and in you,

Urmish R. Mehta

Columbus OH, 43213


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