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Voices against Nithyananda Scandal

Dear Swamiji,
You only taught us whatever happens in this universe is AUSPICIOUSNESS. I am trying to understand something good from this incident too. Are you testing vitharka of your devotees? At the end of this whole drama, please make us to understand this UNIVERSE and the HERO of this universe (MY BELOVED SWAMIJI) in a much better way. I'm willing to see your VISHWAROOPA while killing the adharma (untruth) of this planet.
Swamiji, all I can say is I have nothing to do with my life without you. I'm not even able to think about the life without you. Simply it looks like a desert. Now, you become everything for me.
You are my JOY.
You are my JUICE.
You are my LIFE.
You are my LOVE.
Swamiji, let all the confusions and misunderstandings be there in this world. We will just simply dance on it and will be untouched by it as you said.
let us see you again with your beautiful smile and gracious look like before.
With Love and Nithyanandam,
Sujatha Chandrasekaran
Jawahar Nagar, Chennai - 82.


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