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In support of the divine, Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda

When we look at Paramahamsa Nithyanandha, he looks like a child krishna, from our view point. He has been the reason for the wonderful divine transformation, for millions of souls all over the world, and i am also one of them. Even if at all, that Divine Child, had made any mistake it can be forgiven, because he is an innocent little Divine Child. Even if we see that child, we get happiness, his talks are also happiness, even thinking about that little child is happiness. May be reading this, may look like foolishness, but u can know this, only if u have experienced. It is our duty to take care of that all knowing, yet innocent little child.

Just 1 minute, think of the 99% good deeds he has done. This 1% unproven, personal life of his doesnt seem so big compared to the 99% great things he done for us.
If that child is happy and taken care of, it is good for us only. This i am saying like a mother. He is a child who has come to remove the difficulties and sorrows of our heart, so pls donot hurt the heart of that child.

(Don't even think of writing bad about him and earn money out of that, i am telling for your own good) You dont have to carry some one in your head and dance, nor you also dont have to put the same person down and stamp. Because what ever you do, will come back to you many many times. So Practise moderation, and think before what ever you do.



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