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We want Him back rocking! Pl continue programs all over! We miss them!

Swamiji, i was a lifeless seed that never knew how to sprout out. Never knowing that i can possibly sprout out, never knowing anything about my existence itself.
You are the angel who flowered from above and sprouted all of us. You have by divine touches and divine words enriched every moment of my life with ecstasy. Nothing more do i reqwuire from life. I'm overflowing as it is with supplies of love from Existence!
But i have a tremendous over-powering need to become God, raise to the level of Brahmmanda to protect You from the hardships that confront You! To stop the people from accusing You. Though I possess adequate understanding of your enlightenment, and being well aware that this situation is a mighty play of Existence itself, sometime, I have a joy to shower on you the overflowing Love from within, I have the joy to equally experience this worry and compassion for my Master, who is also playing a vital role in the Game of Existence! I'm craving with the need to tell You, that I'm THERE FOR You, BE IT ANY SITUATION!.
At the same time, I have the inner thirsty need to make You feel content[though you are beyond all that] that I follow all the rules of the Game appropriately [which are truths, Master laid down before the game started]
Words cannot express the overflowing Gratitude, my Bhakthi, My Love for You, how 'one' i feel You and I are[You and I are the words created as a result of illusion]!!! Otherwise, you are typing all these from my Being!
I want to see You play like Krishna again! Come back and rock with Your enlightnement! Awaiting Your endless preachings!
Gayathri chennai


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