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To support in Swami Nithyananda one does not need to have faith in him - one just needs open eyes and clear thinking

Before I elaborate on the title I have to proudly admit and clearly state that to me Swami Nithyananda it a great saint.

I see Paramahamsa Nithyananda as an incarnation of cosmic consciousness, a mountain of knowledge, an ocean of clarity, a living example of the biblical saying "man was made in the image of God", and an embodiment of Vedic truths such as "the knower of Brahman is Brahman", and "A real teacher knows the truth of the scriptures, lives the truth in his life and establishes his disciples in it".

However, the support I would like to express here in not based on the fantastic upliftment that I have experienced in the presence Swamiji.

My support does not stem from the tremendous admiration I have for his indescribable state of consciousness, nor is it inspired by glimpses of his superb clarity, or the vast and profound knowledge he expresses in his speech and action.

In other words, what I would like to share here is not based on any kind of blind faith or belief in Swamiji, nor is it based on the love I feel towards him.

My support and trust in Swamiji's purity of life, integrity, innocence and righteousness is based on simple and common sense understanding of the dynamics and mechanics of fame and blame which repeatedly expressed in human society throughout the ages.

The same dynamics of human greed and fear and the same mechanics of control and suppression that functioned at the time of Jesus Christ are easily magnified in our modern media-infested-society, governed by the power-play of political and economical interest groups.

Great spiritual teachers and leaders come out again and again to reach the people with the same message of peace, love, harmony, bliss and - perhaps most important in this context - life in total freedom. It is a very simple and basic truth to understand that such spiritual teachers pose a threat to certain sections of society, to certain people who hold various power positions.

Paradocsical or self-understood as it may be, non violent saints pose a threat to people who thrive on violence.

Great personalities whose wish is to and empower everyone from within pose a threat to those whose position is based on power.

It is but natural that Enlightened beings who wish to - spiritually, emotionally and mentally - free and liberate the people, will awaken the fear and greed based cruelty and cunning ways of those who wish to control.

The wise who want to open the eyes of the people are perceived as enemies in the eyes of those who earn from the ignorance of others.

Liberated souls who live to relieve the people from the load of their conditionings are serious threats for those who use the limitations of others to their advantage.

The amazing simplicity of life of the great souls who lost all interest in the external joys and riches of life invokes the furry of those addicted to wealth and pleasures.

Though the above seem like separate statements they are in reality only one expression of the law of inertia. Resistance to change is inevitable just as change is sure to happen.

Though examples to demonstrate this truth can be cited from various areas of life - economy, politics, religion, or science - spirituality is the area that is over-strewn with such cases that demonstrate the resistance of negativity and ignorance to the growth of freedom and knowledge.

So much so, that in the field of spiritual teachers and spiritual movements, smear campaigns and false allegations are almost like entry exams or qualification certificates - If you are a great spiritual teacher sooner or later you will face allegations, oppositions, scandals and all that goes with it.

To cite a just a few examples:

The great philosopher and spiritual teacher Rudolph Steiner died at a relatively young age and though it can not be proven, there are reasons to believe his death was brought about by those who feared his influence on the people.

Osho was persecuted and evetually killed - by slow poisoning - by the governments who feared the powerful liberating influence he had on society.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - who brought the benefits of meditation to millions of people around the world - was opposed by various governments and religion organizations. in-spite of Maharishi's great contributions to all levels of society and to millions of people from every country of the world, his organization suffered constant allegations and criticism of all kinds.

Seeing the fate of Osho Maharishi cleverly employed security agencies and his followers protected him carefully from danger.

A television documentary accused Sai Baba of molesting children, but nobody bothered to examine the facts, or the motives of the accusers and their credibility. The documentary was aired and no effort was made to verify the facts. As if the very allegations serve as their own proof by virtue of them being strong and terrible, and as if people who openly claim they were badly hurt are exempt from scrutiny by virtue of their expressed pain.

Baseless allegations were pronounced also against AmmaBhagavan of the Oneness University and the Golden age foundation, and their disciples. Bhagavan was even dragged to court just to prove he was not killed by his followers - as they were falsely accused.

The influence of government and power-groups controlled media was so powerful in the above mentioned cases and in many other such cases, that many people who may read these lines may not even think much good of such great personalities (to them I would advise to do some more honest research and find the truth about them), but in my mind such allegations against spiritual personalities have become the final certificate of global recognition of their greatness.

So if you tell me that someone is a great saint and spiritual master I will first ask if he has a big following. If not, then nobody will bother to spend time and money accusing him of anything - he is not a threat if he has just a few disciples.

If, on the other hand, you say: "yes, he has a huge movement and it is growing fast", I will want to know if he has already faced any serious allegations or sex scandals or some such thing.

If the answer is "no" I will advise his followers to be ready for any kind of scandal or allegations, to employ 24 hours serious security, and protect their Guru's privacy by carefully scrutinizing anyone who gets near him or his quarters.

If the answer is "yes, there have been some very serious allegations..." then before you finish your story I will immediately run to him and fall at his feat right away knowing for sure that he is a great spiritual teacher.

To some my arguments may seem too simplistic, exaggerated or superficial, others may view my trust in the innocence of those who were not proven guilty as an unrealistic outdated approach to justice, but those who have eyes will see, and those who have ears will listen.

Those who can believe or even seriously consider such a well orchestrated and coordinated malicious smear campaign, those who can not put 1 and 1 together and see through the artificial smoke of allegations, probably do not have eyes to see or ears to hear. To them I would advise to look deep within to find what it is in their inner space and mental setup that causes them this blindness.

My bottom line support sentence to Swami Nithyananda is: "Congratulation Swamiji ! Welcome to the major league ! The jackals are upset as they finally sense the presence of the lion in their territory. The allegations of the poor jackals declare the greatness of your lion-like being"

I only wish that the close followers of Swamiji will be smart and intelligent enough to keep him under reliable security and guard his life carefully at all times. He may or may not bother to protect himself, but it is our duty to make sure that his life in this human body is protected.

The recent allegation campaign has proved that the light of Paramahamsa Nithyanandas existence on earth has upset the dark powers, and history has shown that these powers do not feel shy to play dirty.

For our sake please protect Swamiji against any possible danger.

Youval Eliav


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veerapan said...

Hi im from Malaysia. I have faith in my swami nithiyanda. He is the real guru’s. i hope the people of India will use their brain and don’t just do crab jobs. Please for once use your rational thinking and the people of India should be gifted to have paramahamsa nithiyanda.We the Malaysian strongly infour and support of swami nithiyanda. Swami Nithiyanda can bring changes to human consciousness and radiate peace to world. We strongly condemned any attack on nithiyanda and his dyanapeetam. The sun tv have to retract all the baseless and defamatory allegation as against our swami nithiyanda. ”Hindu the way of life”

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