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Full support for Swami from Texas

As a Director of Technology, it is a challenge to overcome challenges but Our Swami has given us the remedy to expand our capacity to accomplish daily tasks as if it we just mundane. His DIVINELY crafted Nithya Dhyaan Meditation is second to none. I can think clearly and with reason and its been a transforming experience thus far. Swami has my full support in all ways as I have absolute trust in HIM to overcome all odds. The Indian TV news channel survives by sensationalism and hope that they get the facts right before creating animosity amongst the general population. In the U.S, we are innocent until proven guilty but the greatest Democracy in the world works in a convoluted manner. Just pray that we all put our minds together and develop a ROADMAP for where we want Vedic Education based on scientific reasoning to take us with our leader none other than SWAMI NITHYANANDA.
Jay in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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