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In response to the march 21st you tube video with the title: nithyanada devotees -message for you.

He IS AN ENLIGHTENED master before his birth.He came with a purpose on this earth to counteract the effects of Kaliyuga with his 21 crore siddha enlightened devotees on this earth. So he has given the date of birth when he came to his mother's womb! That is the date of conception to fools like u. In India, if one has to join the school,minimus 5 yrs is essential. , but sometimes parents push the children to the schools with one yr counting from the the date of conception. Horoscope matching depends on the individual skill of an astrologers, solar & lunar readings are different. College can blow its own trumpet however it wants.any child can go & sit in the village school & colleges to hear the lessons if the principal or teacher is a good friend of the family! Paramahamsa is the word of admiration from another immortal Nagaraj BABAJIwho is 1018 yrs old yet like a 16 yr old boy in his physical body at himalayan caves.One need not carry the crown of admiration always.Swamy is the generalised way of addressing anyone in India with due respect to their soul. Swamiye sharanam ayyappa.If it bcomes swamy ayyappa on the passport, is there anything wrong? We don't think so. This is not just osho symbol, this is the symbol of world peace as well.Is there any rule that two enlightened masters shouldn't have or get the same vision? Enlightened beings are not too calculative like business men.9, 6, 5 yrs of wandering hardly matters to them bcos time is eternal to them.Time is not linear to them. Is there any rule that no one should be born who can be greater than than Ramakrishna to go out of his matt.Who has commanded the matts to behave like the factory of manufacturing monks when Ramakrishna paramahamsa worshipped his intimate lady Sharada Devi as Goddess?Do u know the age difference between Ramakrishna & his wife? He was 21 & she was 5 yrs.Is it not shocking to u all? Whether he stayed at Ramakrishna MATT or at various matts, he was wandering n India.can u pls find out whether his 13 stitches on his thigh are true or not to find out to what an extent he experimented on himself, but not on others. Is there any rule that one shouldn't be in Samadhi & yet his physical body be on the bed? Is there any rule when a devotee approaches on her own with the devotional feelings similar of the meerabaii & akkamahadevi , swami or Lord or Guru shouldn't embrace them & rcv them like an innocent child? Won't u rcv your daughters,sons, brothers,sisters,mothers & fathers or intimate friends or close nativemate on bed anytime at any stages or anysituation of ur life?everytime when u are on the bed the sheer purpose should be only to have sex? What a hypocracy! I saw the same video & felt nithyanada was innocent, reluctant, looking at sky,yet not willing to hurt or push away anyone harshly or hurtingly, but to cuddle the devotee like divine mother cuddles the baby & her femininehood be accepted with a kiss that too being transferred from a hand to a cheek.I felt any boy child would have done with the same innocence. U have seen only what ur minds wanted to see.

- Kalika Devi

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