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Thank you Swamiji

Respected and lovable swamy,
I am Nagarajan from Tirupur sending this mail.
I don't know weather you receive this mail or not. May be my IP can trace too. any way swamy we never bother for that. my family all are your devoties. i was really shocked by seeing those shit graphics show played in Sun Network. Swamy please dont worry for any thing,. we are behind you. we will take care on you, Swamy we know you trust all your pure and true devoties.
we are really kindfull to help you in any way swamy.
here myself, my wife, and my 3 years kid living in a vast village in Tirupur, if possible please mail us swamy,. and also if you need any help please just mail me please, our family always under ur feet swamy.
please dont worry for those clippings. we wish and we pray god, you to continue your yathraa towards god.
thankyou swamy,
yours lovable devoties,
Nagarajan and Family


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