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Healing Miracles by Nithyananda Swami, How can these be scandal?

Here I would like to show our sincere gratitude to our beloved Swamiji Nithyananda for the innumerous miracles that has been bestowed to each one of us in our family. Though I will be writing these in just few words but mere words are just not enough for my family and me to thank him for what we are today.

We were then only blessed to know about our beloved Swamiji in two years now, but the intimacy we carry as though Swamiji is with us for the past 7 janmas and he will be there with us always.

Let me begin with my most important person in my life that is my Mother, to whom our beloved Swamiji who has blessed her and healed her and has given her a new life, after she had been suffering from severe Arthitis for the past 18 years. In short if I have say she was given all treatments like Alopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Naturopathy treatment to get some solace from this dreadful disease. After all these treatment the outcome what she got after 18 years is that the disease was still persistent in her and not only that she started to form deformity. Ayurvedha confirmed that she has to bear with this pain for the rest of her life, and also more of such deformity could arise, we used to spend thousands of money every year for her to get a bit of relief from pain, and the fact is that she used to take very high dosage of steroids to get some relief. But to our luck we got our Swamiji Nithyananda who has come to this Universe with a Mission to eradicate illness in all living beings. Two years back when my mother came to know about Swamiji though our well-wishers they took her for a healing, and believe me with in one week Swamiji healed her completely. My mother does not take a single medicine for this illness since then. Thank you Swamiji, we are all so happy today because after 18 years all of us eat what is cooked by my mother. This indeed is a great miracle. After that she did ASP, NSP, BSP, Healers Initiation and Nithyanandam course offered at our Bidadi Ashram. Today being a tool of our beloved Swami, lot of people get relief while they come seeking healing from Swamiji through her.

Second most important person in our family is my uncle, he is the eldest family member, he is very kind hearted lovable and always preaches good things but quite unfortunate it was for him that since 40 years this great person used to live on high potency steroids just to keep him under control and non-violent. He used to suffer with a recurring disease of going insane every 5 years, and this used to be so severe that he used to harm the family members physically and harass mentally, poor thing all this was without his presence of mind. This medicine was prescribed by his neuron surgeon from NIMHANS to have it for the rest of his life. Because of this high dosage of medicines he had other side effects and complications in his body and underwent multiple surgeries. We all used to get scared when the 5th year used to approach. Today our uncle is free from all these because our beloved Swamiji has healed him COMPLETELY and he is not been taking one medicine also and he is perfectly fine, we have passed that dreadful awaited 5th year too and nothing has happened he is perfectly fine with our Swamiji’s blessings. Thank you Swamiji.

Thirdly, my one and only biological sister who lives in the USA, she is a very devotional person and she is married and has a daughter. Living in the USA, they live such a simple and traditional life style and live every day with the preaching’s and teaching of great masters. She is also a part of our happiness after our Mother was healed completely by our Swamiji. They had not seen Swamiji but heard a lot from all of us and they watched Swamiji’s preaching’s on Youtube. They also carried the mantra UNCLUTCH and this really works in all of us. As per our mothers guidance all of us chant the Guru Mantra every day either 11, 21 or 108 times every day and so does my sister and her family. The three of them go through a lot of physical ailments like the way we say god does all his tests on good people. My sister was going through a major gynecology problem, she had severe pains during her monthly periods and heavy bleeding, she went through a series of tests and was diagnosed as fibroids in her uterus and was advised to remove her uterus, this was very much disturbing for her and her husband, they are as young as 33 and 39 years of age. She one day held Swamiji’s photo and prayed intensely and seeked his blessings and healing and she chanted the Guru Mantra and went to sleep, that night she had a dream that she was in her office and we used the wash room and to her surprise she felt something fall off into the commode she looked at it and picked it up and walked towards her car and was waiting near the parked car and she could visualize that our beloved Swamiji and two other Swami’s walking past very fast towards her and she was so overwhelmed with joy, lost words to scream out anything, so Swamiji went close to her and she asked what should I tell swami when I see you because she did not know then, so he said “NITHYNANDAM SOLLAMMA” and she burst into tears and held out was in her hand and asked what is all this and he said “ADHELLAAM POGA POGA THERIYUM” and just walked away and suddenly woke up from her sleep to find swamijis photo in front of her with a smiling face, believe me from then my sister has never undergone any such pain during her monthly periods and she is doing fine with the blessing of Swamiji with out undergoing any surgery.

Now regarding her daughter, the three of them had been to New York, when they heard that Swamiji was there, they went and met swamiji and took his blessings. They purchased some malas and the Living Enlightenment Book. They had stayed in a hotel and drove back to their home in Virginia the next day, that night the child suddenly shot up with a high fever that they had to call the ambulance and take the child and she was kept under observation and diagnosed as Swine Flu, my sister was so upset and all of us back home was so upset that we called the healing tower and gave swamijis healing and also from here my mother did dhyanams and prayed to Swamiji, suddenly my mother asked me to open a page from the Living Enlightenment book and ask swamiji why what happened to our child, to our surprise there Swamiji given us a reply with a story which begins “A father and a son checked into a cheap hotel” this is exactly what had happed to them also, they had no choice but to check into a cheap hotel because every thing was going full then. With swamiji’s blessing our child is doing fine now.

Last but never the least, its me who experienced and is experiencing in every breath of mine my beloved Swamiji’s blessing. I am a widow with a daughter 13years of age; I am the bread-winner for my family. I am working for a software company for the past 5 years and they had never got me permanent and I was not paid well at all and was finding it very difficult to run my family (My parents and my daughter), and one day after we got the biggest gift from Swamiji that is my mother being healed completely, I wanted to see him desperately and talk to him and take his blessings. I was going through total stress and depression but would always suppress my feelings, that is when I got the most awaited darshan of my Swami, and I poured and poured all my suppressed bank balance at the lotus feet and he just said one word to me don’t worry I am there with you go home happily and you will get your job, gosh you wont believe there was no sign of discussion even in my office to make me permanent until then and with in three days of my swamijis blessings I got a mail from my manager saying you are going to be permanent in our company we are happy with your performance and you will start getting better salary and recognized for all the good work. I was beyond words to express my gratitude to my Master Swami Nithyananda. As he blessed from then on till today he has been taking care of all my needs and he answers all my questions through the Living Enlightenment. I too have completed my ASP and NSP and look forward to do and attend many more such spiritual teachings of my Master.

My daughter has attended a couple of Kalpatharu darshan and she was blessed to take the Gayathri Deeksha from our beloved master. She has also attended the Little Anandas program last summer. My daughter being attended single parent had a lot of tantrums and was going through silent depression, but after attending this program my daughter has completely changed in her habits and is more polite and nice. She loves swamiji a lot and believes that he only comes and be with her when she does her exams.

These are all just mere words which are just not enough, every day we experience something new. You Ma Gayathri, both amma and I had a dream two nights back that Swamiji came to our house and was walking around every where inside and we are also constructing a new house and we saw swamiji walking and monitoring the workers doing the work, we believe that our Swami has come to bless us and to tell us that where ever he is he is in our heart and we have kept him close to ours too.

Nithyanandam Ma.

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