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In eternal bliss Nithyananda

I met swamiji on 2007 December.I completed my ASP and NSP in Malaysia.Only after that I realised my own true nature that we are god and unclutched being.I have attented NSP for four times.Swamiji's speech,his graceness,his compassionate,and the flow of programme can't be described in words.It simply melts anything which is not me and all my suppresion thoughts.Swamiji's teaching gave me clarity about my life.I can say that after meeting swamiji,I began to discover many potentiality in me.Then,I became an ashramite on 2008.I decided to became an ashramite become I was inspired by swamiji's teaching and I realised that he is none other than the god itself who had descended on this planet earth.I can say that ashram is a best ambience where one can work for jeevan mukthi.I feel gifted ,because I had met swamiji and had received the truth of the cosmic law.


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