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We want Swamiji back soon

I am Deepak Tudvekar & have shared my miraculous experience during Kalpataru Meditation in Mumbai on January 26, 2010 which you have posted on you web site on March 10, 2010. I was eagerly looking forward to attend other programs conducted by Swamiji but unfortunately the media messed up the whole situation depriving the needy people like me. I am interested in attending short courses conducted by Swamiji & it may not be possible for me to attend longer 21 days course at this moment. I hear from recent interview that Swamiji will undertake prolonged silent meditation. I am wondering if Swamiji will be conducting any programs during this silent meditation in the coming near future & if yes can I get the schedule? I hope the current situation improves quickly so that needy people can continue to benefit from Swamiji programs.

Deepak Tudvekar


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