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Radiating Enlightenment (Nithyananda's message) amidst scandal

Master lives Kalabairava and radiates Shiva consciousness!
I just went through Master's message to all of us on dhyanapeetam website. It was placed there at the right moment, because, i know Master can scan through His children, and choose and provide the best for them!
While i was carrying my spiteful feelings for the people who were responsible for the terminated meditation programs, i shoooted out the contents of my heart in a comprehensive manner that those people can understand the extent of the damages he has done to stop noble divine acts
But then reading the steps to remain unclutched from any violence and to spread the positive aura by chanting, all this placed at the site, as the recent addition by the Master to transform the few negative feelings to inner bliss, i really salute the Master's highest attitude of being a forgiver, a peaceful unaffeccted Divine soul and he sets a virtuous example of being a KALABAIRAVA!!! Dance amidst all dead bodies, burning and unburning in the graveyard, the dead bodies represent the MISERIES AND JEALOUSIES around, graveyard represents THE MOST DIFFICULT SITUATION, dance represent our UNSHAKEN BLISS!
All this is not only taught by Him theoritically! From His anubudhi, He has made them our anubudhi, Thanks swamiji, i have till date kept to this, experienced Nithyananda! and all your other teachings too!
This moment, now, we all live this inspiration and radiate Shiva consciousness!, radiate enlightenment!!

-Gayathri Akshay

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