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Always with you Swamiji: Nithyananda lives eternally!

My Beloved Swamiji,

I am Ma Ananda Etahaa from Madurai at your Holy Feet offering my homage of love and respect, trust and surrender. The recent rumours have not in anyway shaken my faith in you and you are enshrined in my heart as my beloved Sadguru.

Today is Good Friday. I feel every bit of Jesus' exprience resonates in your present situation. Both of you -33years old ; betrayed by the disciples ; falsely accused and humiliated to the lowest and so on . And you both very strong characters with purposeful existence. Every Good Friday has to end in an Easter Sunday. Yes Swamiji, Truth will triumph soon with greater glory.

Swamiji, now and then whenever a kind of anger and pain rises in me against those creators of these rumours and the media that spreads it and poisons people's mind I am disturbed but I embalm myself by saying like Jesus "God, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing" . Yes these people do not know to whom they are doing all these unbecoming things.

Swamiji, when I was watching your Q&answer video yesterday in the U Tube ,I was so much takenup by your composed and divinely elevated personality even in the midst of such turbulance. Your Blissful countenance encouraged me not to worry uneccerarily about your present defamed situation. Your composed behaviour is a big lesson for me.

Swamiji, though my lifesituation doesnot allow me to be around you , my deepest and constant spiritual connection with you keeps you very close to me and I always enjoy your Blissful presence within and around me Thankyou Swamiji. I am with you trusting you to the full.

Soliciting Your Blessings,

Ma Ananda Etahaa


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