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Grace and Magnanimity

I have heard Swamiji talking about the enlightened masters embracing what is with examples like the Greek philosopher/enlightened master, just walking with the theives without putting up any fight and starting them while they were spening heck a lot of time planning his kidnapping. This was a great oppurtunity to see a live Enlightened Master handle the situaion with such calm, grace and magninmity. If it had been for a ordinary man, it would have been a natural instinct to put up a fight. But the whole organization never resisted nor talk ill of the people who kicked started this. And to walk away from foundation which he created shows how a Master is not attached to any material body like one should. Everything is auspicous, we often hear Swamiji says and lives by his teachings. Also want to add its so great to see people from other religion embracing the teachings and talking about the benefits of meditation and go past the wall of religion. Its so beautiful.

- Nari Mohanan


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