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For the master who has so much love and Compassion for people like us........


You have showered us with so much of love and compassion. We are no body to judge you. I am grateful that you have accepted me as your disciple and blessed me inspite me being egoistic,stupid and immatured. I am always thankful to you for accepting me.

The moment I saw the news all that flashes in my mind is "Great, this incident will eliminate all unnecessary people who are hanging around Swamiji and give way for people who long for Samiji's presence to get near swamiji".

I saw your latest video (2nd April) just now and filled with tears and gratitude, to see your attempt to save and help people who are abusing you. I have no words to say about the love and compasssion you are showering on us.

Chandrasekar (Nithyananda Nirgunan).

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