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Truth prevails

Namaskaram guru

There will be war between devas and asuras. god used to fight alone for the sake of devas. Devas (the real spiritual seekers) used to pour flowers on god's head. we all are doing that by our pure thought.

I was benefitted by Guru's LB1 attended on 27,28 of feb 2010 at singapore. i am following the instructions of the acharya and started doing nithya dhyaan from 29th march after completing the dhyaan of a chakra.

I didn't had any intension of doing meditation. everyday i recite slogas including lalitha sahasranamam and write rama nama and go to temple.Gained spiritual knowledge by reading spiritual books since 10years. Emotionally strong but is crying internally after seeing the gurus videos on lbyoutube.Guru is giving explanions for everything.

when can we expect your pleasant videos as earlier (before march 2010) for the real seekers? praying devi and lord rama for to give strength and expecting the Guru soon in singapore for LB2.

truth never fails. but might look weak sometimes.

yours lovingly



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