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Let us re-live those moments with Nithyananda!

To All,

Firstly, we all should be grateful to the existence (formless energy) that has taken a form (Rajasekaran) and the form has dissolved back into the formless and using the body, mind as a tool to help the humanity to come out of the deep darkness. This is highly required even for the divine to use humanly forms to help humanity.
Assume, if we see nithyanda as 5 legged and 4 headed animal who try to help the humanity to transcend beyond the form, will we accept him first as a guru? So, he has to take a human body and he himself have already told that, hold on the master's form and leave all other things and finally a time will come and the existence will make sure that the people has to throw that form and enter into formless.
All these nonsense news happening these days about nithyananda is an environment that is perfectly laid by the compassionate cosmic nithyananda (a divine leela) to help the people to transcend beyond their form. If one has really transcended the societal conditioning by hearing all these news, he would thank every moment for nithyananda as his form helped him to get into formless.
Whether swamiji indulged in sex or not is not the matter. Why people catch up on those ideas that a brahmachari should not be involved in sex and should do this and do that (then why a purnavatar such as krishna married and led a big family although he did many miracles in live. He was considered a purna brahmachari).
If we frame a set of ideas about brahmachari, then why can't we be like that and start our own ashram and why to think about such ideas when we really want to get enlightened? One thing is clear. Whoever is blaming him now, is for sure, doesn't interested in getting enlightened (nirvikalpa samadhi - getting into formless, experientially) but interested to catch on the ideas that a brahmachari should be like this or like that. There is no question of right or wrong here. Question is are we really having our mind conducive enough to get enlightened or not (losing individual identity and entering the formless presence, the very base from which we all came).
Humanity strongly beleives that they are human and have ideas like i am body & mind etc. Swamiji never publicly said that he is god. From beginning, he said, i am here to prove that you are god. When we drink honey, we say yummy and when the honey bee bites us, we will try to beat it up. What a morale it is. We need the honey which is made by the bee but we do not want to sacrifice the ideas about the bee before get in and drink the honey.

It is sad that, when the lion tries to prove the sheep-like lion cubs as lion, all these cubs, go against the lion only. That is what happening now. He wanted to prove that we all are formless but we are proving him that, 'nithyanada you are a form and not only form you are dirty & not even good like me...'. A very funny and shameful stand we are in.

If existence has not taken a form like this and have not spoken about all these advaita and enlightenment, i am sure that many of this people in this mailing list wouldn't have started looking for enlightenment on their own. May be, they would have continued to do what they do in the society and be one more element in the society contributing the problems in the world by being selfish (I am talking about me too).

If we all are intelligent, we should accept one thing (As accepting grows the intelligence. All we need is inclusive world not an exclusive world). it is highly contrary to our beleif usually that such a young person be an enlightened master. Because, in our life time, none of us have witnessed such thing. From time to time, we have all been taught that this is family, this is car, this is master, this is disciple. It is all ideas only. Think a little. If we are born in a dense forest and have never seen an aeroplane and have heard enough about it. We would have come to a conclusive vizualization idea. Then when we happened to be near a real aeroplane later we would absoultely miss that and seeing a bird flying sometime, we may take it as a aeroplane. This is not my own idea. Again it is from the master only. But i am 100% agree with this truth earlier. This simple truth should be properly utilized at this moment when we are caught up with the ideas about enlightened master or brahmachari etc. Since i accept it 100%, it helped me to realize atleast to some extent what is happening.

Have not cosmos descended in the form of Rajasekaran and ascended back to Nithyananda and started doing such good activities, most of us will be sitting in cinema theatre or somewhere and eating popcorns and finding fault in the films, talking the rubbish things about the politicians, country and terrorist and most of all eagerly waiting for what is the problems or -ve news in the next morning paper. Even whoever feeling 'i am not like that', have been this way sometime or other. Nobody can deny it. Show me one person in this world who is perfect. Nobody is perfect in this world. World is imperfection. To be perfect is not to take birth in this world. But this world is the ideal place for one to get enlightened. Because, imperfection leads one to perfection. The moment we take birth, impurities in the form of body, mind be created. This impurity is called the identity what swamiji says.

Now, what happened. Many people who were very near nithyananda is complaining about him publicly as if they are really got enlightened about swamiji's activities. Intelligent are those who keeps his patience at this tough time and be a witness to see what all the things that go through the our mind, our emotions and society without leaving the faith on the superpower which is the very source for our physical existence in this world, the sun, moon etc.

I tell you from my own experience. Whoever has crossed the breaking point of mind, would not complain a single point about the master or any other people as this is the cosmic game which helps the humanity to get awakened.

I don't care whether nithynanda is enlightened or not. I care, what transformation happened in me after meeting one new person in life, be it a master, a layman, a corporate CEO or anybody. For me, a lot good things happened and meeting him helped me to realize (not just ideas alone) what is life, what is death, how an avatar will be, etc. etc.
Fortunately, in this world there is no instrument to measure the enlightenment of the people. Because, it is immeasurable. And now i understand why the science could not design any instrument to measure or identify whether someone is enlightened or not. Such is the compassion and intelligence of the cosmos. May be, this is wat swamiji call as cosmic intelligence.
I strongly beleive and feel that enlightenment is about realizing the very root of the existence and play along with its notes. I am on my journey and whoever added the sathya in my journey are god. The society has added a lot in me and swamiji (with his compassion) and above all the love has added many dimensions in my life.
So, i humbly request everyone in this mail to think and re-live those moments and never-ever talk bad about anybody. Be it a master, husband, wife, relative, society etc. Everything in one way or other have given us something we need to exist and it is our attitude or mind which praises sometime and throws sometime. The real enlightenment is beyond this praise and spreading rumors. The problem is we can understand this truth using head. But situation can only be created by cosmos to let the ideas from head to heart. It is our responsibility to transfer these truths at this right time from head to heart. If we fails at this point, there is no loss for master or existence. It is only loss for us.
So, i want everyone to live happily and leave happily from this planet as it has given us enough to experience.
If i have some angry, vengeance against somebody or group or society, i would like to throw that in the air and feel bad for being helpless but not to spread that to others.
See the contradiction... I wanted to kiss the god now, but he is not allowing me to kiss him and he is kissing me evey moment in the form of happiness, problems etc. I cannot select happiness and delete problems happening in my life.
Accepting choicelessly these two equally, make me blisfull and now i am kissing myself.... (Now the truth told by J.Krishnamurthi is seemed to be true for me - Choiceless Awareness)
I am sorry if this mail hurts somebody's beleif... But i wanted to express it this way. I am not sending this mail to enlighten people in this group about any particular person's activities or by doing so, unconsciously creating a group of people who think-alike that such master is not enlightened or creating a defintion for enlightenement like it should be this way or that.
One cannot define enlightenment and the enlightened person. For, he is the one who is nomore in the cosmos but everywhere in the cosmos. This word is not just written for rhyme but there is a deep meaning in this.. Any intelligent human being after reading out this mail will first accept the truths in it. Then may feel that some points or right and some or not. I am not saying that all i have mentioned in this is right or wrong. I am saying all are right with respect to me. As every experiences happening in this world is subjective. Be it happy, anger etc. The root of all is within, for nothing is within, nothing is out.
I pray we all get enlightened and be blissful eternally (Nithyananda). I mean, the eternal bliss literally means nithyananda....


Siew Yong said...

Nithyanandam Raman,

Thanks for the enlightening long mail. Whatever you expressed I feel that same way as well. I am one of lucky ones who have moved to the formless during this chaos. I only have gratitude to Swamiji and Cosmic Nithyananda for creating such a perfect situation for me to take the jump.

In N!

Phanikiran said...

Hi Raman,

Thank you for the post. This situation has opened the inner guru in us and thats all it matters. The unclutching from the (Identity)mind and body happening right now can only be a truthful experience. I can only be eternally thankful to Paramahamsa Nithyananda for this happening inside me.

In eternal bliss

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