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In Support of Paramahamsa Nithyananda – Our Swamiji

Although I may not understand everything, I believe this situation is part of a divine plan and that the bigger picture will be revealed to us at some point. Things are not always as appear .

Regardless, my trust, respect, love and gratitude for Swamiji will not be shaken; I will not judge him.

The gifts Swamiji has given me are the most sacred experiences of my life. I do not feel sad or depressed about this situation--only blissful--thanks to him. I have experienced his divinity and am confident that he knows what he is doing.

Through this, I have not only gained a greater self-reliance while in India, I also bonded more with my fellow LBE-ers. For me, coming from the USA, this is what it took; I feel like we are really a family now. We are very blessed!!!

My love & gratitude,

Erin McMillin, RN, BSN, Seattle, WA, USA


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