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Om Gurubhyo Namaha

Om Sri gurubyo namaha!!

My name is K.SOORIAMURTHY, 20 year old devotee from Singapore, i have been one of the lucky few to be in master's presence at kalpataru darshan, and i viewed master in his majestic appearence on youth day in india. When i read about how the people are in distress in thiruvannamalai it pained me so much i flooded into tears, we must continue to support these people, the ashram must start running again as soon as possible, so i ask we devotees unite to keep the mission sustained, may we spread the causless enlightenment to everyone. He is a master like no one, when i watched how he said the situation can be used as a jumping board to enlightenment that showed the truth behind his mission, he is truly the master, n i dun know how many jenmas of punya i have done to receive such an exhalted state but i know one thing, truth will always prevail cause facts are always changing. If people say i'm a fool, let me be so, soceity is just a framework made by unconcious idioets, who think they are the judges of ethics and morals, such people get the karma when people suffer for food, I had enough. Guru i vow to take sanyas at the right moment. Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha !! Jai Nithya!!



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