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Thank You Master

My Dear Master,

First, I want to thank you for everything you have ever
done for me. You were always there, behind the back-
drop of everything chaotic for me in my Life. Meeting you
in St. Louis in 2004, you took me under you guidance in
every way... initiated me into Ananda Healing, answered
my questions, sent Healing to me and my Loved ones,
wrote me back when I wrote you with my troubles, and
you meditated for my father when he passed on.

As well, the Healings which occurred on others through
your Initiation, were always dramatic and provided relief,
and in most cases, complete cure/healing for them. The
Ananda Healing you gave to me healed my mother from
sciatica, friends from toothaches, seizures, muscle cramps,
severe arthritis, and so many other ailments.

When I could not afford the retreats to be with you, you
were adamant about me not paying, as well as my friend
who wanted to go. Several times you did this for us both.
You never asked anything of us in all the years we came
to see you. You only gave and gave and gave.

Wherever I moved, to Seattle and then Chicago, you were
still with me in person when you came through, and in Spirit
when you were away.

Now, amidst all the chaos happening around you, I bow to
you as One. I see through all of this and know you are still
with me. Some day, perhaps sooner than later, everything
chaotic and false will dissolve, and only the Truth will be
seen by all. With your Grace, I will send Ananda Healing
constantly to the situation.

Thank you again for being with me in every way. You were
and will always be, one of the Greatest things that have
ever happened in my Beautiful Life. I say my Life is Beautiful,
because you were one of the major guiding forces that made
it this way.

All Love,

Vaughn Edward Bentinganan (Sri Ananda Chinmay)

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