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blessedness unlimited: Nithyananda!


Hell has broken loose in the minds of many who have bitten the fruit of the media coverage. Just think deeply can this media ever bring the great faith that was permeating your inner space a few days ago. Can the media which you feel has awakened you to reality ever put inside you the inner peace and calmness that was your character a few days ago. Enlightenment is not something that you can attain as soon as you decide to fall at the feet of the Guru. The Guru in you has to rise up and accept your true surrender. The words 'True Surrender' has to deeply reflected upon. Only when the truth is visualised in fullness can surrender happen. Truth by its very nature has to be searched. It will not be openly visible. The Master in all compassion gives you the experience of truth through His words, messages and blessings. The experience has to place us in a space where Media with its mercenary attitude can have no influence. Till the experiences that were given to us by the Master become our very nature let us not brand ourselves as seekers. The Master by His very nature can never let down anyone. Please remember He has gone beyond the state of being a Human Being. So do not apply the scale of human being to His actions. Let us not fall into more and more depressive state by allowing our senses to rove around the world. Instead put your heart and soul and dive deep inside (even in this state Swami's recent speeches will guide us). Let us drop the attitude of judgement of anything including ourselves and just be in an unclutched state and soon truth will surface to give us clarity and bring us back to the path of self assurance and inner calmness.

in Nithyananda,
ma punidavathi


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