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Thank you for your continued support & contribution to this blog. This material is helping us build a comprehensive case portfolio that can be presented to the press, on TV, etc,. to garner public support for our cause! It is great to see the overwhelming positive responses and flood of emails in support of Nithyananda. If you want to post on this blog, share your blissful experiences by writing in to: Ncourage1000@gmail.com


Swamiji Nithyananda: Thank you for continuing to teach us!

Blessed Swamiji, I am writing to give you my support. I have been so greatly enhanced by having You in my life. I feel Society would do well to follow your teachings instead of judging your personal life. We have no right to dictate to a Master. The most powerful energy in the universe is the creative energy. Thank you for continuing to teach us. Gaya


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