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Eternally grateful to you Swamiji

Dear Swamiji

My Beloved Master, when we met a few years back ...

You did not ask what my name was...

You did not bother where I came from....

You did not ask which family or community I came from....

You did not bother about all the sins I had committed....

At the door to the Temple where you were giving Discourse in Saint Louis Missouri,

there was a big sign " I am not here to prove that I am God, I am here to prove that you are God".

Later on I came through your book saying "As long as you are alive, you are qualified for enlightenment".

I trusted you Baba,,,after just a few years...my life is so new, so fresh...you have given me a new life,

a body that does not feel pain, body that does not feel tired, an inner space that is so beautiful and blissful always,

you have taken care of ALL my responsibilities.

You gave a new me, Baba.

Such a big change has happened in me within a very short time...no waiting period with you, Swamij,

just you get the job done...and then you go...next??

Through my experiences, I know there is hope for anyone from any part of the world...

Thank you Swamiji

Muthoni C. (Kenyan)


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